Design and Consultation

Here at Storite Systems we endeavor to gain a clear understanding of what matters to our clients. We pride ourselves on not just offering great advice and guidence throughout the consultation stage, but also to listen, to take the time to understand project requirements and targets.

The design and layout of Pallet Racking is undoubtably the most important factor to a succesful warehouse operation. Our team of specialised project consultants are available to work with you throughout the design phase to ensure all project requirements are understood and a suitable layout is produced. By giving Storite Systems the opportunity to work with you on the design of your internal warehouse layout and operations you will benefit from

  • Highest possible space utilisation
  • improved productivity and operational performance
  • Safer working environment and greater control over potential MHE hazards
  • Provision for Future expansion
  • Greater inventory Control and minimise loss of stock through damage
  • Overall Project cost saving through intelligent design, Engineering and installation service